tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Roundup: Yahoo tweets, Apple taps Avon head for board, bikinis return to AppStore

Yahoo expands relationship with Twitter — Yahoo plans to integrate Twitter broadly through its various web sites. In December, Yahoo integrated Facebook into its site. [graphic: AllThingsD]

Apple appoints Avon CEO as co-lead for its board — After facing criticism that its board has been too insular, Apple has added Andrea Jung of Avon as a new board member. She quietly took the position in December.
Bikinis go back into App Store – After an embarrassing censorship debacle, Apple reinstated a banned bikini shopping app created by Simply Beach. Other risque apps remain banned.
EPA chief defends climate regulations — Republicans are on the attack, saying that global warming data has been thrown into doubt. But EPA head Lisa Jackson declared in testimony that the science behind the human role in global warming has been settled.
Intel attacked by cyberhackers — The world’s biggest chip maker disclosed that it was attacked by cyberthieves in January at the same time that Google was hacked.

Germany plans deep cuts for solar subsidies — Germany and Japan led the world in creating incentives for consumers to adopt solar power. But now Germany is cutting subsidies starting July 1 by at least 15 percent. Subsidy spending had risen to about $2 billion a year.
Apple to gain in enterprise — Corporations have been the stronghold of Microsoft Windows forever. But a new survey says 66 percent of system administrators expect to increase their purchases of Macs.

Spreading to new platforms – Music-streaming service Grooveshark expands its mobile footprint with a Palm Pre app. For $3/month you can listen to lots of music not found on iTunes or Pandora. Here’s a video of Grooveshark in action on a Pre.
Seesmic’s browser-based social networking console — Now Seesmic has added an address book for Twitter contacts, plus threaded conversations in the style of Gmail.
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