torsdag 25. februar 2010

Roundup: Conan takes over Twitter with one tweet, Bloom pulls back the curtain, and more

Here’s the latest action:
The future of music on the web — TechDirt takes a deep dive into possible future business models for the online music industry, highlighting the need for companies to connect with fans, while adding value they are willing to pay for.
Salesforce reports strong fourth quarter — The enterprise software company posted $20.4 million in profits, up 48 percent from the previous year. Revenue came in at $354 million, up 22 percent. ZDNet has more details.

Conan instantly trumps Leno on Twitter — Within three hours of joining the micro-blogging site, the dethroned king of Late Night racked up almost twice the followers as competitor Jay Leno. You can follow him here (though he only has one tweet up so far).
Why did Wordpress fail? — The blog publishing service’s founder talks about how the cloud wasn’t to blame for its downtime last week, but data center routing was. He tears down the concept of the ‘cloud’ a little bit in the process.

Breaking down Bloom Energy — Earth2Tech drills down into what the ‘miracle’ fuel-cell startup is promising versus what it will need to make clean, off-the-grid power a reality.
Lotus launches its own hybrid
Yelp slapped with extortion lawsuit – The review site has just been served a class-action lawsuit for allegedly charging companies ranked on the site money in exchange for removing negative critiques. TechCrunch has the story.
An ‘adult section’ on the App Store? — In response to Apple removing sexually-explicit content from the iPhone App Store, several bloggers and analysts, fueled by suggestive screen shots, have speculated that there will soon be a category created in the store for explicit content only.

Foursquare airs first TV commercial — The location-based mobile app ran its first television advertisement tonight. You can see it below:

Companies: Apple, Bloom Energy, Foursquare, salesforce, Twitter, wordpress, Yelp

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