fredag 26. februar 2010

Qype, The Yelp Of Europe, Gets A Look From Google & Nokia

Hamburg, Germany based Qype, a Yelp-like site that's focused on European markets, has recently had long acquisition looks from both Google and Nokia, we've heard from multiple sources. A deal with Nokia in particular was looking extremely likely until recently.

The site was first launched in 2005 and today attracts 9 million monthly worldwide visitors, according to Comscore, just a little less than Yelp's 11 million. Both likely have far more actual visitors, but Comscore is good for comparision - in December, for example, Qype told us they had 17.7 million unique visitors. A year ago the company brought in a new CEO and have been expanding rapidly across Europe.

Google supposedly took a look at the company and passed, opting instead to just import Qype's content. Nokia made a run for the company after Google, with one source saying that a term sheet had been signed in the $50 million range.

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