fredag 19. februar 2010

Roundup: Shatner to star in tweet-inspired TV show, Hulu charges on the iPad, and more

Here’s the latest action:
@Shitmydadsays comes to TV, starring Shatner — Twitter user @shitmydadsays, who tweets gems uttered by his curmudgeonly father, has racked up 1,170,507 followers, and now a deal for a TV pilot on CBS reportedly starring none other than William Shatner in the title role.
MacBook Pro gets a graphics upgrade — Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pros will contain new and improved dual graphics chips, according to Apple Insider.
What do 100 billion tweets say about Twitter? — Twitter analyst Kevin Weil has been charged with aggregating and dissecting more than 100 billion tweets to answer site-related questions ranging from “How does usage differ for mobile users?” to “What is a user’s reputation?”

Facebook imports contacts with Octazen buy — The social network has acquired Malaysian startup Octazen solutions, owner of the technology it was already using to let site users invite and befriend their email contacts. GigaOm has the details.
Sony eyes universal controller — In an attempt to pull the rug out from under competitors Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony is working on a universal gaming console controller that will work with the Xbox, Playstation and more. See schematics on GoRumors.
Bezos unloads 2M shares of Amazon — The CEO has sold shares in the company amounting to to $234 million, potentially to invest the money in his space exploration venture Blue Origin, according to TechFlash.

Chromium OS, now with NVIDIA — Hexxeh has released a new build of Chromium OS called Flow that includes NVIDIA Ion acceleration and has extended battery life.
Hulu will cost you on the iPad — The popular internet video service will be coming to the Apple iPad, but you will probably have to pay a subscription fee to access it, sources close to the company tell AllThingsD.
Cleantech IPO season continues with Fallbrook — The company, which builds transmissions for use in advanced vehicles and wind turbines, has filed for a $50 million public sale with the SEC, highlighting the roll that the green sector has been on when it comes to IPOs, a roll that includes Tesla Motors, Solyndra and biofuel company Codexis. Greentech Media takes a closer look.

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