fredag 5. februar 2010

Mippin brings news and social media aggregator Buzz Deck to the iPhone

Mobile developer Mippin is bringing their popular news and social media aggregator application Buzz Deck to the iPhone. The application was originally developed for Android, and was also a winner of Google’s 2009 global app challenge.
Buzz Deck’s big claim to fame is its collection of auto-populated topic categories that simplifies the process of finding the latest news. The app uses a “card” based user interface to manage the various categories which works just like Safari’s multiple tabs on the iPhone.  Topics include general categories like “technology”, “music”, and “jokes”, and are populated by a variety of blogs and other popular sites. Buzz Deck also features social media cards that offer quick access to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.
The application seems like the perfect solution for someone who wants to keep track of the latest news, but doesn’t want to manage an unwieldy collection of RSS feeds. Users can also “like” individual stories, which will train the application to deliver similar stories in the future.
It’s easy to see how Buzz Deck carved a niche for itself on the Android app market, but it remains to be seen if the app can differentiate itself among the more crowded iTunes store. Other iPhone applications charting similar territory include OhPan (which has both a free and paid version), and Fluent News Reader. The sheer amount and variety of Buzz Deck’s news categories, coupled with its social integration, will likely get it some notice upon launch.
Buzz Deck will be a free application, just like its Android predecessor, and should be available on the app store within a few weeks. The UK-based Mippin just recently submitted their first version of the application to iTunes for approval.

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