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EC Roundup: ‘Finder’ keepers and 9 tips to raise venture capital

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.
Ask the attorney: ‘Finder’ keepers could be losers, weepers – Have a consultant who says he can help you raise capital for a cut of the funds? You might want to think twice says attorney Scott Edward Walker. While there are some legitimate broker-dealers out there, the securities laws tied with this are complex and could hurt you.
9 Quick Tips for raising venture capital – Dharmesh Shah, founder and CTO of HubSpot, has been on both sides of the table when it comes to raising capital – and he’s seen a lot of companies screw things up. He shares some of the lessons he has learned throughout the years.
Cloud computing: The pros and cons – Cloud computing is the new hotness for many startup owners, but it’s not for everyone. Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost, Inc., runs down the things you need to know before making a decision.
You work 60 hour weeks. Should your employees? – If you tell an employee up front that the job requires 60 hours per week, but he’s able to do stellar work in 40, do you have the right to expect more? The question came up recently at Answers OnStartups, a Q&A site for entrepreneurs. See what other members had to say.
Out-teach the competition – You may not be able to outspend a bigger competitor, but David Heinemeier Hansson a partner in 37signals and the creator of Ruby on Rails, notes that you have another weapon in your arsenal: Sharing your knowledge to build a customer base.
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