tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Regus Offers its “Top Ten Reasons to Run Away from Home”

Working from home is every business person’s dream, right? Think again. Even with no morning commute and the freedom to work in their pajamas, many small business owners and other home-based workers find the home office anything but ideal. The Regus Group, the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, who has thousands of small business owners as clients, talked to some of those clients about the challenges of working from home, and they weren’t shy about listing one time-consuming irritation after another.
Among the “Top Ten Reasons to Run Away from Home” were:
1. Not enough space
2. Noisy kids or pets
3. Temptations of the TV or refrigerator
4. Working too much
5. No professional place to meet customers
6. Lack of privacy
7. Feelings of isolation
8. No administrative support or convenient parcel or shipping services
9. No technical support for computer problems
10. Limited capabilities of home office equipment like copier, faxes, etc.
With these problems in mind, would-be home workers are seeking alternatives to the home office, but without returning to the corporate office or leasing expensive, long-term office space. Today’s fully furnished and equipped business centers can give entrepreneurs and corporate employees alike a professional place to work, for a fraction of the cost of leasing traditional office space. And The Regus Group is leading the trend, offering a global network of 1,000 business centers complete with offices, meeting rooms, video communications, advanced technology, and administrative and technical support.
For more information visit www.regus.com/bayarea or call 1-877-REGUS-03.

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