mandag 1. mars 2010

Round-up: Topeka, Kansas dubs itself Google, Slide has a resurgence

Here’s the latest action:
CereProc helps give Roger Ebert his voice back: The company used old recordings of the film critic and text-to-speech technology to help recreate Ebert’s voice after he lost it to cancer surgery.
Key Intel exec has stroke and takes a leave of absence: Sean Maloney, one of Intel’s top three executives below CEO Paul Otellini, suffered a stroke at home and will take a leave of absence.
Hot diggity! $156,000 in annualized revenue makes big headlines: TechCrunch and ReadWriteWeb say that Edward Kim’s Car Locator Android app is proof that you can make riches off Google’s mobile platform. The developer said he’s earning about $13,000 a month from the app, making for $156,000 in yearly income if he can keep up the pace.
Topeka tries to woo the search giant by renaming itself Google, Kansas: In a bid to bring Google’s experiment with ultra-high speed broadband networks to the city, the government decided to temporarily rename itself after the company for a month.
Slide posts a strong February: The early leader in social apps before Zynga started hogging the spotlight looks like it may be having a Renaissance. In the last two weeks, the company has doubled its monthly active users to 40 million users, according to Inside Social Games. Facebook’s recent redesign helped while Slide’s new focus on virtual goods helped its users earn $160,000 in January.
Google tries to assuage privacy concerns around Chrome: The company highlighted incognito mode, which lets users surf the web without recording their browsing history and deletes all new cookies once incognito windows are closed.

Companies: cereproc, Google, Slide

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