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EC Roundup: Becoming a giant-slayer and 6 critical tips for launching a startup

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.
Ask the attorney: M&A waters can be dangerous – especially for the buyer – Buying a competitor is a sign of strength, but one that also carries a lot of risk. Attorney Scott Edward Walker runs down four more things to watch out for – and ways to keep the upper hand.
5 ways startups can slay giants – Entrepreneurs regularly face off against companies significantly larger than them. It’s an uphill battle, but not an impossible one. Dave Kellogg, CEO of Mark Logic, offers five ways to maximize the odds of your success.
6 critical tips for launching a startup while holding a day job – It’s not uncommon to launch your first startup while you still hold a day job. That’s fine, says angel investor Jason Cohen, but there are some legal landmines you need to watch out for. Here’s how to protect yourself – and your startup.
Thinking IPO? Old underwriter rules no longer apply – The traditional wisdom of picking banks has become outdated in this recession. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley still have plenty to offer companies going public, but if you’re giving some thought to making the jump, Greenberg Traurig’s Tom Klein says it’s worth your time to examine other options as well.
The perfect startup team? Grey hair and Mohawks – Want to attract the eye of a Venture Capitalist? You’ll need a team that has a blend of young and old, mixing fresh ideas with proven experience, says Heidi Roizen, managing director for Mobius Venture Capital.
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