onsdag 31. mars 2010

Foursquare Everywhere goes live on Bing Maps

Microsoft announced a new partnership with the location service Foursquare last week in New York. Today, the company launched the Foursquare Everywhere application on Bing Maps, Microsoft’s mapping service.
Speaking at the location-centered Where 2.0 conference in San Jose, Bing Maps’ architect Blaise Agüera y Arcas showed the audience a live version of Foursquare Everywhere running on the Bing Maps platform. He zoomed out of Bing Maps to a world view and showed how Foursquare check-ins were streaming in live, showing up as pinpoints on the map with the feed running in a sidebar.
Blaise Agüera y Arcas desrcibed the service as a mash-in instead of a mash-up, with Bing Maps working as a surface on top of which different applications and services can be integrated.
“With a mash-in model like this, the interaction is much more richer and fluid than with a traditional mash-up technique. With the mash-in model, everything is discoverable in one place. With a mash-up model all the interaction is not there. For instance, you have to launch your own marketing campaign to promote your mash-up, and so on,” Agüera y Arcas explained.
The Bing Maps’ architect went on to announce other news as well. In addition to the Foursquare app launch, another app for the classifieds service Oodle.com went live today, too. The Oodle Rentals app maps rental housing on Bing Maps, and it works by pulling in Oodle data, letting users check out available rental housing.
Bing Maps also got another new feature today in the shape of the World Tour app, which will replace the website used for Bing Maps’ updates. All of Bing Maps’ map coverage updates will be on the World Tour app instead of bingmapsupdates.
Companies: Foursquare, microsoft, Oodle.com

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