fredag 26. mars 2010

Apple-Google rivalry doesn’t stop Jobs and Schmidt from getting coffee

The relationship between Google and Apple has been cooling for a while now. Google chief executive Eric Schmidt left the Apple’s board of directors last year because the two companies were increasingly competing head-to-head. And despite claims of mutual admiration, a long article published earlier this month in The New York Times highlighted how the rivalry has turned personal, with Apple chief executive Steve Jobs feeling betrayed by Google’s decision to enter the smartphone market.
But it looks like Schmidt and Jobs got together earlier today. A tipster sent photos t of the pair meeting at a coffee shop in Palo Alto, Calif. to Gizmodo. There’s no tension evident in the images, but Gizmodo notes that they’re not meeting at a neutral publication location, rather at either company’s headquarters.
A crowd reportedly gathered around the pair, who then left to talk some “more private.”
[image:Gizmodo, of course]
Companies: Apple, Google
People: Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs

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