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iPads shipping now, available at Best Buy April 3, plus Apple’s new video tutorials make us drool

We’ve got only a few days until the release of Apple’s iPad this Saturday, April 3, and as expected we’re seeing a deluge of information about the tablet. This is usually the point in a new product’s release where any snippet of information will end up being analyzed a hundred different ways — and we can expect this to last all week.
First up, we learned early this morning that Apple is now shipping out iPads to those who preordered it online. Don’t expect to receive yours early though — Apple has historically worked with UPS to hold new product releases until the day of launch (much to the chagrin of UPS workers, I’m sure). If you still want to preorder an iPad online, be warned that it won’t ship until April 12 due to limited supplies.
If you want an iPad sooner than that, your only choice now is to camp out at an Apple store, or as the company confirmed this morning, hit up your local Best Buy on Saturday morning at 9am.
The device will be available at 221 Best Buy stores across the country — although in very limited supplies, according to TUAW. Each store will receive 15 iPads,  which will consist of five units of the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models. A portion of that supply will also be set aside for display models, which cannot be sold. Best Buy stores also expect to receive another 15 units on April 11, though that will depend on available supply from Apple.
Since Best Buy stores won’t be rationing available units for preorders, they will likely be your best source if you haven’t preordered yet. TUAW’s tipster reports that unclaimed iPads will go up for grabs at 3pm on Saturday — but if you have any sense of self-preservation, you’ll probably want to avoid that madhouse.
Apple has also unveiled a selection of video tutorials for the iPad that offers up the closest look at its interface so far. Be warned: Viewing those videos may result in an iPad-sized charge to your credit card. Even as someone who hasn’t been as head-over-heels for the device as others, the videos still manage to give me pangs of tech-envy.
If you’re looking for an iPad with 3G connectivity, you’ll still have to wait a few more weeks. Apple hasn’t announced the release date for 3G-equipped iPads yet — all we know is that they will be available sometime in “late April.”
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