lørdag 27. mars 2010

Roundup: First week of iPads sells out, cities compete to join Google’s broadband network

Here’s the latest action:
Apple sells out first week’s worth of iPads — If you order an iPad now, you’ll have to wait until April 12, more than a week after the April 3 launch. Meanwhile, MacRumors has pulled together a list of some launch applications created specifically for iPads.
Cities vie for test Google’s experimental broadband network — More than 1,100 communities applied to be part of Google’s pilot program, some using promotional stunts like temporarily renaming themselves “Google.”
Hacker gets 20 years for stealing credit card numbers — Albert Gonzalez from Miami previously confessed to leading a ring that stole more than 40 million credit card numbers by breaking into retailers.
Oracle reports that software sales are up — The business software giant offered its strongest sales forecast in more than a year. But Oracle’s stock fell nonethless, because investors wonder whether there’s room for continued growth.
Google ad exec joins Facebook — David Fischer, who most recently led Google’ local advertising efforts, has joined Facebook as vice president of advertising and global operations. This is the latest in a number of defections from Google to Facebook.
Washington seeks new sales tax on custom software — Apparently, the tax would cover the creation of websites, business applications, and other specialized software. Naturally, the software firms and consultants who create these applications are criticizing the proposal.
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Companies: Facebook, Google, Oracle
People: Albert Gonzalez, David Fischer

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