tirsdag 30. mars 2010

Vodpod’s new Groups feature lets you easily collect and discuss online videos with others

Online video discovery and sharing site Vodpod has announced a new “Groups” feature that will help you collect videos around a specific topic, and easily share them with others.
Vodpod has allowed you to collect your favorite online videos on its site for some time now, and you can also vote up videos submitted by others in a Digg-like fashion. Groups adds a collaboration layer to the site that will make it even more useful for groups of friends, colleagues, or just people with similar interests.
You can create a group about any topic that you like, and then create a specific tag which members will use to submit videos to the group. Videos are ranked on the group page based on when they were submitted and votes by members. You can check out a group created by Vodpod’s employees to see the feature in action.
While its certainly convenient to have a bunch of related videos on one page, Vodpod makes the feature all the better by streamlining what you can actually do with the video on a single page. Unlike the site’s normal approach, videos in group pages can be viewed inline — which means you don’t need to leave the page to watch them. You also have the ability to add comments to the video without leaving the page as well.
Vodpod seems to have created the perfect little productivity waster for people addicted to online videos, and who also love to share them with their friends. It also stays true to the site’s personalized approach for sharing video –  unlike Magma, which has an algorithm for tracking web videos as they become popular.
The San Francisco, Calif.,-based company raised $1 million in funding from True Ventures back in 2007. It’s grown steadily over the past few years — the company reports it receives 11 million unique monthly visitors, and hosts over 4.5 million videos from 14,000 separate video sites.
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