fredag 26. mars 2010

Facebook Auto-Connect? Social network shares your data with ‘pre-approved’ sites

Facebook said it may automatically share data about users with special partners the minute they visit a site for a more ‘personalized’ experience. The changes are part of new privacy policy the company proposed today.
The company didn’t say who these pre-approved partners would be, but said that there would be an opt-out. When a user visits one of these sites, Facebook may hand over information including their name, their friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, connections, and any content shared using the ‘Everyone’ privacy setting. On top of that, it could also include information about a user’s location and their age for security measures and age-appropriate content.
Here’s the full excerpt if you’re curious:
Pre-Approved Third-Party Websites and Applications. In order to provide you with useful social experiences off of Facebook, we occasionally need to provide General Information about you to pre-approved third party websites and applications that use Platform at the time you visit them (if you are still logged in to Facebook).
Similarly, when one of your friends visits a pre-approved website or application, it will receive General Information about you so you and your friend can be connected on that website as well (if you also have an account with that website).
In these cases we require these websites and applications to go through an approval process, and to enter into separate agreements designed to protect your privacy. For example, these agreements include provisions relating to the access and deletion of your General Information, along with your ability to opt-out of the experience being offered.
You can also remove any pre-approved website or application you have visited here [add link], or block all pre-approved websites and applications from getting your General Information when you visit them here [add link]. In addition, if you log out of Facebook before visiting a pre-approved application or website, it will not be able to access your information. You can see a complete list of pre-approved websites on our About Platform page.
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