tirsdag 2. mars 2010

Our special sessions at GamesBeat@GDC

We’d like to thank our sponsors of GamesBeat@GDC. Here are some of the informative and engaging sessions that they will hold alongside our own conference. These sessions will zero in on topics that are helpful for game entrepreneurs but which we can’t address in the main GamesBeat@GDC agenda.
Promoting and Monetizing Your App: Finding Success in Mobile
Creating a business in mobile is the next step after developing a killer game app. In this fast-paced session, learn how to earn revenue from your mobile traffic by serving ads as well as how to promote your app to drive downloads and boost your ranking through advertising. AdMob is a leading mobile advertising network with more than 4,000 app developer partners and we’ll show you real examples and case studies of success from games developers who are gaining traction in mobile.
Cutting Edge Solutions in Digital Goods Monetization
See new solutions from Adobe, PlaySpan, and others. Case studies and demos will be used to provide the latest insights and best practices to monetize your Flash & AIR games and apps as well as other platforms. Topics covered include microtransactions, digital goods, virtual currencies, one click purchase, global payments, and more.
hi5 Getting Your Game on hi5: Announcing hi5’s Game Developer Program
A huge global audience of over 50 million monthly visitors, a virtual currency supporting over 60 payment methods worldwide, a dedicated game portal, automatic game installs, super-charged viral channels, and collaborative game promotion – just some of the things hi5 offers game developers. hi5 is the largest social media site dedicated to gaming and entertainment. We make money with our partners, not from our partners. hi5 is launching a new Game Developer Program at GDC. Come learn more about how your game can go global in this informative, hands-on session – talk to engineers, marketing and business development all in one place.
Georgia Dept. of Economic Development: Georgia Got Game
Some countries around the world have recognized the strategic importance of having a local game industry and have offered incentives to those companies. So it’s interesting to see who is stepping up in the same way in the U.S. Where else can game developers get rent-free office space for a year? Where else can a qualified production receive a 30 percent tax credit? A clue: the same place that swept the ScreenBurn at SXSW Game Design Competition in 2009. Come to the Georgia Got Game session to learn about the innovative research and ground-breaking development taking place at Georgia Tech and the Savannah College of Art and Design. Hear leading experts from Disney and Georgia’s own Hi-Rez Studios about industry trends. Leading independent studios; a critical mass of graduates in computer design, engineering and animation; and our digital production tax credits are leading the way to thriving and powerful video game development industry in Georgia! Learn how to capitalize on your potential in the Peach State.
Companies: AdMob, hi5, PlaySpan

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