fredag 26. mars 2010

Nokia buys Novarra to bolster its mobile web browser capabilities

Nokia said today it has purchased Novarra, a maker of mobile web browsing technology. The companies didn’t disclose the purchase price.
Nokia, the world’s largest mobile phone maker, currently builds its own mobile browser, so it can incorporate the Illinois company’s technology into its own future browsers. Since data service usage is skyrocketing, having a good mobile web browser is essential.
Novarra was founded in 1999 and raised $50 million in funding in 2007.  Novarra makes web-based technologies for low-end mobile feature phones. Palm and U.S. Cellular use Novarra’s technology for things like web access, portals, videos, widgets and advertising. Nokia has also acquired mobile companies such as Dopplr, Plum, Cellity, Bit-Side and Navteq. The latter was a big kahuna $8.1 billion deal.
Companies: nokia, Novarra

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