mandag 15. mars 2010

MOG launches mobile apps with unlimited downloads to your phone

Music streaming service MOG unveiled its mobile strategy today, laying out Android and iPhone apps that will let users get unlimited song downloads to their phones for $10 a month.
Subscribers will be able to get on-demand streams, radio and high-quality audio at 320 kbps for $10 per month. The unlimited downloads go to a local cache, so users can listen to music even when they’re out of network coverage or a WiFi range. (The downloads expire if you unsubscribe.)
In the Android app, you can search for songs or artists either by typing in their names or calling them out with voice search. There’s seamless integration between the website and mobile apps, so users can access playlists they’ve made on the web site from their phone.
The $10 price point makes it a bit cheaper than Rhapsody, which costs $15. Spotify costs roughly $15 if you convert its rates from euros and pounds, but it has yet to launch in the U.S. MOG will launch apps for both platforms in the second quarter of this year.
The site, which hosts 7 million songs and pulls in about 7,000 blog posts about music a week, is now attracting 16 million unique visitors a month. It’s also boasting a 17 percent conversion rate to paid subscriptions from the free demo period. The web-only version is $5 a month.
MOG combines a number of different listening modes. You can search for songs, you can listen to what your friends are listening to a la and you can build radio stations around a given artist or genre like Pandora.
“We’re giving you a lot more than what you can get for free,” said David Hyman, the company’s chief executive. He added that he wasn’t concerned that Apple wouldn’t approve the new app. “To date, they’ve approved all other music subscription apps. I can tell you for a fact that Android is not a problem.”
MOG recently raised $9.5 million in venture funding from Menlo Ventures and Balderton Capital to expand abroad and secure distribution deals with hardware manufacturers.
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