torsdag 25. mars 2010

Accel’s Rich Wong: Flash isn’t relevant in mobile

There has been a lot of debate over whether Adobe’s Flash and AIR technologies, which power many videos and games on the web, are going to be significant on smartphones and new devices like Apple’s iPad. Accel Partners’ Rich Wong, who specializes in mobile startups, weighed in on the debate today at a developer event hosted by mobile advertising startup AdMob.
“I don’t think Flash plays a relevant role,” Wong said. “Flash missed its window.”
Adobe pursued the wrong strategy by building a stripped-down version of Flash called Flash Lite, Wong said. Meanwhile, the iPhone has built a thriving app ecosystem without supporting Flash, and it isn’t supporting Flash on the iPad either. I’ve heard something similar — many of the startups that I interview that have built their websites in Flash are thinking about building versions using HTML5, which will work on the iPhone and the iPad.
On the other hand, Adobe has announced versions of Flash and AIR that will work on most major non-Apple platforms, and we’ve seen some cool AIR tablet apps, like Wired’s. So the battle isn’t over yet.
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