tirsdag 23. februar 2010

Yahoo Strikes A Twitter Deal, Tweets About It Early To Screw Those Who Agreed To Embargo

For the past two days, Yahoo has been trying to get me to agree to an embargo on some piece of news they had for tonight. As you probably know, we hate embargoes, so I wasn't about to accept it. Good thing. Not only did the news leak out almost 5 hours early, but actually, Yahoo itself was giving people hints on Twitter all day, and encouraging people to take guesses to break the embargo on Twitter. And yes, the news is a deal with Twitter.

So first, the news: Yahoo and Twitter have reached an agreement to share data between their properties. That's great. Yahoo is only a few months behind Google and Microsoft (Bing) doing the same thing. And really, I'm not entirely sure why some kind of special deal was needed. For search, Bing is about to take over the data aspect for Yahoo, and that will very likely include the Twitter data. Meanwhile, Yahoo's frontend elements and services already include Twitter integration, including Flickr. Plus, isn't Facebook Connect handling all the social stuff for Yahoo soon anyway?

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