lørdag 13. februar 2010

Refinery29 Raises Seed Funding For Hyperlocal Fashion News Site

There are a multitude of fashion news sites on the web that compete to provide up to date news on emerging designers, trends, sales and the hottest stores and boutiques to find collections. Fashion site Refinery29 has an different take on this model; the site hopes to provide hyperlocal fashion news to U.S. cities. Refinery29 has just raised seed funding (the startup declines to name how much, but says it is a "sub $1 million round" from a pool of angel investors, including Ramesh Haridas, Mark Mitchell and Jim Yang.

The site is essentially DailyCandy meets Style.com. Refinery29 offers news on fashion trends, independent designers, beauty secrets, and more. For example, Refinery29 has been offering analysis and coverage of New York Fashion Week, breaking out the hot trends from the various shows. Plus, the site offers advice on where to find the best deals; featuring news of local and online sample sales, and special offers. Refinery29, which currently has a local site for New York fashion, also holds its own "sample sales" in the particular city to feature collections of local designers and boutiques that are marked down by often 50 to 60 percent.

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