mandag 1. februar 2010

How should an iPad app differ from an iPhone app?

Skout, makers of the flirting-and-dating iPhone app, sent us an advance screenshot of the iPad version of the app that will ship prrrrrobably in time for the first iPads — you never know with Apple’s mystery-box app review process.
I asked Skout to explain exactly how the design and expected use of the iPad app differs from the iPhone version. Here’s the bullet-list version of their answer:
- More real estate to play with. The iPad version will have a “Split View”, which allows two views to be visible at the same time. In the screen shot you see the HotMap and Singles Around You.
- Skout plans to make the two views dynamic, so that you can have open chat windows on the bottom of the screen, as you browse for more people on the Singles Around You section, for example. Maybe you want to browse someone’s photos as you are chatting with them. That can be done with the iPad, but is not easily done on the iPhone.
- With easier access to controls, the Split Vew can make detailed information accessible without deep hierarchies.
- Skout expects this app to be used mostly for browsing content and chatting with other singles.
- On Skout’s iPhone app, 80% of all pictures are taken with the iPhone camera. The camera-less iPad will require users to take their photos with another gadget.
- It is likely people will be less mobile using iPad, although that remains to be seen. Typical use won’t be “I’m out on a Friday night and no one in this bar appeals to me,” but rather, “I’m at home on my couch wanting to connect with hotties using my iPad.”
- HotMap (this might make it to the iPhone as well. Skout hasn’t decided yet). Skout will provide iPad users with a Live HotMap that can show current and recent activity in their city based on your search criteria. Typical use case: “I would like to know where all the single Asian women between 26-38 (this is just an example, ok?) are hanging out tonight.” The HotMap would then show where you are most likely to encounter such women tonight based on recent check-ins, picture posts, status updates, etc. The app also takes historical data into account. Data is pulled from both Skout and from gay chat app Boy Ahoy.
Skout, headquartered in Los Angeles, was founded in 2007. The company has not released funding information.

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