fredag 12. februar 2010

As The Deals Roll In, So Does Some Revenue For Foursquare

Foursquare is cutting deals with major brands left and right. Everyday, it seems like there's a new one. Like today, for example, they've announced a deal with Conde Nast and here's another one with Marc Jacobs. This follows a half dozen or so other ones with the likes of Bravo, HBO, Warner Brothers, Zagat, and others over just the past couple of weeks. But here's the million dollar question, perhaps literally: is Foursquare making any money from these deals?


Though they won't specifically go into the details of each deal, Foursquare is indeed making revenues off of some of them. "Some are paid, some are exploratory," co-founder Dennis Crowley tells us. "We're all about trying a little of everything and seeing what sticks," he continues. When I pressed him if this means the still-small startup is already in the black, he laughed it off, "Ha, not yet. We're hiring pretty quick, but it's not totally unreasonable. There [are] so many deals on the table, it just seems foolish to punt on all of them," he says.

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