onsdag 21. april 2010

Zuckerberg takes off the “serious” necktie for 2010

Last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg switched from neutral-colored hoodies to a business shirt, jacket and necktie. A necktie, in San Francisco? South of Market Street? “2009 is a serious year,” Zuck told a Fortune reporter.
Good news for geekdom: The necktie is gone. Boy-billionaire Zuckerberg appeared onstage today at Facebook’s f8 conference in San Francisco wearing a dark brown hoodie. Normally I’d attribute it to plain old poor aesthetic sense and too many Brooklyn bloggers in his personal network.
But in this case, there’s an unspoken message. Remember last year when word went out that Zuckerberg’s leadership was in doubt? It was around that time Facebook’s founder sprouted a necktie.
A year and some months later, Zuckerberg has proven that he can run Facebook at least as well as anyone else. It helps that he controls three of five board seats, but don’t kid yourself. There’s a line of more experienced execs who’ve made it clear they would gladly take over the reins and bring adult supervision to Facebook.
Zuckerberg’s hoodie sends two messages. First: “I’m not going anywhere, get used to it.” And second: “You can’t buy fashion sense. I tried.”
One question for conference-goers: What’s it say over his heart? I can’t make it out in the photos we’ve received. Email paul@venturebeat.com.
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