søndag 25. april 2010

Here come the mash-ups: Likebutton.me shows what Facebook friends are ‘liking’ across the web

Just a few days after Facebook unveiled a number of plug-ins that spread its social features across the web, the neat mash-ups are starting to appear.
LikeButton.me takes Facebook’s activity feed plug-in, which shows what your friends “like” on other pages, copies it several times while referencing different destinations like YouTube, The Huffington Post and CNN and puts them all in one place.
The combined effect is to show you what friends are liking on sites across the web on sites like MTV and Pandora. It’s a completely different interface for understanding what’s happening in your social network; instead of seeing status updates and photos, you’re seeing content that friends are enjoying on other sites.
To be clear, Facebook designed the social plug-ins in such a way that the host site shouldn’t have access to the activity of you or your friends. It’s as if LikeButton.me is giving up a piece of real estate on its site to Facebook.com.
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