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EC Roundup: Another bubble rears its head – and the entrepreneurial benefits of WoW

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.
What’s wrong with an LLC? – LLCs can be a good way to shield yourself and your personal assets, but if your future business plans involve seeking venture capital, there are some big pitfalls. Attorney Scott Edward Walker runs down the pros and cons.
Another bubble? Eye-popping valuations raise eyebrows – There’s a rebound happening in venture capital, but not one that anyone was expecting. While most companies are still having trouble securing financing, some unproven companies are getting generous valuations. Allegis Capital managing director Peter Bodine discusses this pendulum effect and how it can affect your startup.
An argument against disruptive technologies – Disruptive technologies can change the world – but very often, the world has no interest in being changed, notes angel investor Jason Cohen. There’s nothing wrong with incremental improvements, he notes. And those companies are much more likely to succeed.
The funding Bill of Rights: Helping entrepreneurs and VCs come together – The relationship between an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist can be enormously rewarding (monetarily and emotionally), but it can also be incredibly painful, costly and aggravating. Lawrence D. Lenihan, the founder, CEO and managing director of FirstMark Capital offers a look at the rights held by both sides.
World of Warcraft: Entrepreneur incubator – World of Warcraft isn’t just the most popular online game in the world, it’s also a fantastic tool for budding entrepreneurs. John Seely Brown, former director of Xerox PARC, makes the case for the video game as an incubator in this thought leader lecture at Stanford University.
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