mandag 26. april 2010

Roundup: WSJ teams with Foursquare, Google adds local biz listings to Street View

Here’s the latest action:
Samsung book rattles South Korea — Kim Yong-chul’s new book “Think Samsung” has polarized the country, with some championing him as a corporate whistle-blower as others demonize his disloyalty for exposing the corruption perpetrated by Chairman Lee Kun-hee.
Wall Street Journal launches news service via FourSquare — The newspaper says it will now be offering news and reviews related to locations through the application, complete with custom badges that can be earned by visiting WSJ-tagged places. GigaOm looks at whether this is a legitimate new media channel.
FRV, BP Solar to build 37-MW of solar in Italy — Fotowatio Renewable Ventures will own and operate the photovoltaic facilities built by BP Solar for an estimated $167 million. The arrays are expected to be finished by the end of 2010.
Conway’s SV Angel closes $20M fund — Initially, famed investor Ron Conway said we was raising a modest $10 million fund to seed smaller startups, but the amount has since doubled, and 15 investments have already been made with the money. TechCrunch has more.
South Korean official gets busted over iPad — South Korean minister Yu In-chon stepped into some hot water today when he pulled out an Apple iPad during an e-books demonstration. The device has not been approved for wireless networking in the country yet.
Yahoo models new data center after chicken coops — Yahoo’s newest data center, located in New York, is taking energy efficiency to the next level with a design similar to that of a chicken coop, effective at cycling more fresh air for cooling.
Blackberry 6 expected in Q3 — Research in Motoon’s new mobile platform, BlackBerry 6, will be available starting next quarter, according to co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. Engadget has more.
Google adds local biz listings to Street View — Now when you view storefronts on Google Street View, you will also be able to see the names of the businesses residing there, and click on them for full contact and other details.

Google changes approach to ad agencies — As much as it depends on them, the search company has always had a tense relationship with traditional advertising agencies. Today, it rolled out an effort to better match digital advertisers with agencies who can help them, and to better train agency partners in the AdWords platform.
Twitter takes down tweets after DMCA complaint — The micro-blogging site removed a tweet linking to a leaked download of a song by The National. TechDirt has full details on the debacle.
Search for TV shows on Google — Now when you search for a particular television series and click the “Show options” button above the results, you can specify a search for videos of full episodes made available through other sites like Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon, as well as and
India’s largest wireless operator picks GetJar to deliver app store – Mumbai-based Reliance Communications will offer its more than 100 million customers access to GetJar’s catalog of 65,000+ free apps for hundreds of mobile handsets. GetJar, founded in 2004 in Lithuania, isn’t well known in the U.S., but the company claims to be second only to Apple in total downloads at nearly 1 billion to date. In America, Sprint carries GetJar’s catalog “on deck,” meaning it ships pre-installed and is easy to find on customers’ phones.
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