torsdag 29. april 2010

AdMob opens the gates to other mobile ad networks

Mobile ad network AdMob, a San Mateo, Calif. startup that Google hopes to acquire as soon as the FTC approves the deal, has removed two major restrictions in hopes of broadening its customer base.
First, it has enabled support for iPhone and iPad apps that use Apple’s iAd system by complying with the confidential rules and restrictions Apple has provided to ad network companies.
AdMob’s ad system, AdWhirl, was acquired along with the company of the same name last year. AdWhirl will now let app developers serve their own ad units — “house ads” in industry jargon — along with ads served by Apple’s iAd system onto the screens of iPhone and iPad toters.
Second, AdMob has removed a previous restriction that only let developers add one other advertising network into their apps. “Adding their own in-house advertising was probably the most popular feature,” CTO Kevin Scott told me during a phone interview. “But based on feedback from our developers, they wanted more flexibility.”
“It was easy for us to go in and allow an unlimited number of other networks. Otherwise, they’re going to go out and try implementing their own solutions.”
AdMob, which claims to serve ads for 1,700 apps, released its source code last December, another move aimed at bringing in a larger customer base. Developers frustrated with one little thing now have the opportunity to try fixing it themselves.
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