torsdag 22. april 2010

Worldlogger aims to improve real-time website stats

There are plenty of website analytics tools now that monitor social network traffic. Chartbeat is probably the best known. But a two-man team in Amsterdam who call themselves ape55 believe they have an attractive alternative in new tool called Worldlogger.
“Chartbeat didn’t provide all the information we wanted to see,” co-founder Jaap van der Meer emailed us, “and also presents a lot of information at once which makes finding the information we needed not very clear. Blog search is not one of their features. And also if you own multiple websites, you have to open multiple screens.”
Dutch site Floorplanner is using Worldlogger, as is a large European blog that asked not to be named for privacy reasons. Ape55 hasn’t announced pricing yet, but van der Meer says it will start at around $5 per month. That’s half Chartbeat’s entry-level rate, but Chartbeat has a proven track record and an impressive set of clients that include both The New York Times and Gawker Media. The price is attractive, but saving five bucks isn’t worth it for a tool that doesn’t work right. Ape55 have good ideas, but need to spend some time building a reputation for themselves.

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