mandag 5. april 2010

Poll: Business Twitter users would pay for extra services

Twitter’s we’ll-figure-it-out business model may end up as a freemium offering for businesses. A poll of 850 Twitter business users by found that while three-quarters of them didn’t express interest in paying for Twitter add-on features such as analytics, 26 percent said yes, they would pay for the right services.
Of those who said yes, 8 percent — that’s 2 percent of business Twitter users — would pay $100 per month or more.
I’ve asked WebBizIdeas to give me their pollsters’ definition of a “Twitter business user.” Obvious question: Do people who are self-promoting their personal brand count? It matters because the survey also asked, “Which advertising options would provide the most value to you?” and “What is your estimated concentration of potential customers among your followers?” I’ll add more charts when I’ve heard back from the company.
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