fredag 16. april 2010

Our iPad vs. MacBook keyboard showdown (video)

I’m a fan of the iPad, but when it comes to work and productivity, the device seems a bit underpowered.
In particular, the keyboard is a pain if you want to type more than a couple sentences — which could become a problem for Memeo, Roambi, and the many other developers hoping to bring meaningful business applications to the iPad. And that includes Apple itself, which is selling iWorks office applications for about $10 each.
To demonstrate the difference between the iPad keyboard and a MacBook keyboard, we made this video where I copied a passage from Mike Moritz’s revised book about Apple, Return to the Little Kingdom. Typing on the iPad took about twice as long, which isn’t a huge deal when you’re typing a paragraph, but makes writing out an entire document infeasible. On the other hand, typing on the iPad curbs my habit of being obnoxiously loud while I type.

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