tirsdag 13. april 2010

mDialog joins with Akamai to offer first interactive ad-overlays for iPad

mDialog, a mobile video and ad management platform,  announced today that its new video service platform will support in-stream interactive ad-overlays for the iPad powered by the Akamai HD Network — a major distributor and capacity network for HD video.
Last week, the company announced that its new platform can leverage HTML5 to upload video and live streams to web sites and mobile devices, while also inserting ads based on location, frequency or time of day. Now, the company will allow users to create interactive ad-overlays for the iPad. For example, a user can tap on the picture of a Ford Mustang which watching a test-drive video and play a game or engage in any way the advertiser desires. This constant user engagement is a break from standard pre-, mid- and post-roll advertisements, and is a first for video mobile advertising.
One might think Apple would want to launch its own solution for mobile interactive video ad-overlays — especially with the recent launch of the iAd platform, which will allow for the delivery of advertising within iPhone applications. But there are no indications that Apple is launching its own service to date. On the topic of the iAd platform, mDialog CEO Greg Philpott told VentureBeat:
Where mDialog offers video publishers the ability to do in-stream video and interactive overlay advertising, iAd’s offering is focused on providing the app developer with interactive mobile banner ad solutions. Our focus is video streaming to mobile devices  and providing highly targeted in-stream ad insertion services for broadcasters, studios and other major video content owners. We are really excited about Apple’s new iAd announcement and see it as being very complementary to our mobile in-stream ad insertion technology.
More interestingly, mDialog has met with and has received a lot of interest from the majority of players within the mobile and broadcast industries, including major broadcasters and leading technology companies, according to a company representative.
mDialog provided VentureBeat with a first look demo of the interactive ad-overlays on the iPad. Click here.
Companies: Akamai, Apple, mDialog

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