torsdag 22. april 2010

Hate ads? Swipe here

Jumptap, a mobile advertising network headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is working on a feature that every ad network should have. The company will host user profiles that let mobile phone customers toggle their own preferred ad settings — basically letting them filter categories they don’t want to see. There’ll even be an Opt Out button for the whole thing.
What’s appealing about Jumptap’s implementation is that the profile interface for the iPhone will look and work like Apple’s built-in Settings controls. That means moderately iPhone-savvy users will be able to download an app and turn off categories with a familiar flick of the wrist. The company has posted a tentative list of categories.
Jumptap, founded in 2004, isn’t as well known as AdMob or Quattro Wireless, which were acquired by Google and Apple, respectively, in the past year. This week, the company announced a partnership with other ad networks Medialets and Crisp Wireless in hopes of drawing advertiser to a broader reach of customers. The latter two companies have the big-name brand advertisers that mobile ad networks seem focused on landing, because of their bigger budgets. Lexus, The New York Times, and Warner Brothers are on their client lists.
The filter feature, which Jumptap plans to make available mid-year, seems like something every ad network should offer. It’s unlikely that large numbers of people will discover, install and use ad category settings for multiple networks, but as an angry-customer appeasement tool for people who really, truly hate being advertised at, it’s a winner.
Companies: Crisp Wireless, Jumptap, Medialets

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