søndag 4. april 2010

Hacker jailbreaks the iPad less than a day after release

A well-known hacker of iPhone has claimed in a video to have hacked the latest iPad. Just a day after release, MuscleNerd said in the video below that he has gained root access to the iPad, a process known as “jailbreaking.” That’s because once you have success access, you can run any code on the device, not just Apple-approved software.
The iPad jailbreak technique is similar to an exploit of the iPhone operating system. That jailbreak is known as Spirit. Hackers have shown time after time that they can break into Apple’s security software for new iPhones, often within a day of release. It’s not known how much piracy happens as a result of jailbreaking, but it’s considerable. If you jailbreak your device, you violate the terms of service. People with jailbroken software can’t get their devices fixed by Apple. But the motivation is getting access to pirated software.

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