onsdag 7. april 2010

Glam Media scoots ahead of traditional publishers in launching iPad-friendly ad platform

Glam Media is barging in on the lucrative advertising market represented by Apple’s iPad and other mobile devices.
The women’s media network, which says it reaches 78 million unique visitors each months, is launching a platform today that will make providing iPad and mobile-friendly content and ads easier. For publishers, the platform will convert content formats that are designed with Apple’s tablet and other phones in mind. For advertisers, it’s offering display ads that are optimized for mobile phones, non-Shockwave ads that work with touch interfaces, and location-aware social ads that integrate Twitter and Facebook.
The company, which recently raised $50 million in a round led by Aeris Capital, has built an EBITDA-profitable business by remaining aggressively focused on catering to women, even as other traditional media companies have seen their advertising revenue atrophy. It was valued at $750 million during its last round, which was a mezzanine one — meaning the company is eyeing an initial public offering over the next one to three years.
Like its more traditional counterparts, Glam rightly sees the wave of smartphones and tablets as the future for content consumption and is looking to have an early start. Conde Nast, which owns more venerable titles like Glamour and Vogue, has yet to release iPad editions of them. (It’s started experimenting with GQ and is in the process of developing advertiser solutions for brands.)
The company had already offered mobile ad solutions in Japan, but today’s launch means all of Glam’s 1,500 publishers will be able to jump on board.
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