torsdag 22. april 2010

Copy this: Zynga raises $130K for two charities through social games

Zynga, the biggest social game publisher, has been criticized for copying the games of others. But when it comes to generating donations for nonprofits in a social fashion, it’s a leader.
Today, the company announced that Zynga game players have raised more than $130,000 for two charities through virtual goods purchases. Mark Pincus, chief executive of Zynga, said a couple of days ago at the Inside Social Apps conference, “I don’t think enough of you have copied it.”
Thousands of Zynga users participated in two separate five-day promotions last month to raised money for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, which supports research for a rare neurological disorder that affects one in 10,000 people, and, a nonprofit founded by Gary White and Matt Damon to bring safe drinking water to developing nations.
More than 24,000 Mafia Wars fans bought a virtual teddy bear to promote awareness for Huntington’s Disease. And thousands of FisVille players bought nearly 70,000 limited edition fish to raise $13,000 for The funds will be used to benefit safe water projects in earthquake-hit Haiti. To date, Zynga players have raised $3 million for social causes associated with It turns out that giving is a lot easier when it happens in the context of fun and is as easy as clicking an icon.
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