tirsdag 13. april 2010

Cloud content management company 3Crowd raises $6.6M

3Crowd, a provider of management tools for cloud services and content, announced today that it has raised $6.62 million in first-round funding.
Based out of San Mateo, Calif., 3Crowd launched with two products (which we’ve covered previously), CrowdMonitor and CrowdDirector, both of which aim to give companies greater control over their cloud content distribution. CrowdDirector is a sort of virtual load balancer that enables companies to intelligently deliver content across a variety of sources — including multiple content delivery networks (CDNs), web servers, and the like. This avoids the single point of failure problem, since there is more than one source for your content to be delivered, and it removes the headache of juggling multiple CDNs manually.
Users have the ability top create rules based on a variety of factors — including location, CDN performance, and traffic capabilities — which will direct content requests to specific CDNs or other hosting locations.
The company’s founder, Barett Lyon, is no stranger to this field — he also founded the popular content delivery network Bitgravity. He told us previously that one of his goals is to remove the pricing barriers for online video, which he feels is “holding innovation back.”
“If bandwidth becomes affordable to the point where people make money from running video, that’s going to be a huge change to all kinds of stuff,” he went on to say. Cheap bandwidth has the potential to revolutionize more than just online video. It can lead to innovation around other sorts of in-demand media as well, including music and games.
The funding was led by Canaan Partners and Storm Ventures. 3Crowd also received an undisclosed amount of angel funding from Digg and Revision3’s Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson.
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