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Chorus iPhone users embrace Web browsers, brain aids

Chorus is an iPhone app that lets users show their friends which applications they’re downloading, and which they recommend. Not only does that help you figure out the next cool app for your iPhone, it also gives Chorus’s maker, Envio, some fun data about the App Store.
Specifically, for the month of February, Envio says its users recommended a web browsing app called Perfect Browser 3 above all others. The most downloaded free app was Luminosity Brain Trainer, which offers exercises that supposedly improve your intelligence. The most downloaded paid app was Where’s my Phone, which helps you find your phone by whistling, then listening for a ringtone in response.
Now, this list comes with the obvious caveat that it only represents a small percentage of iPhone owners. (Envio says that 600,000 users have “invited others to join the Chorus community,” which also raises questions about the degree to which the sample is skewed by self-selection.) But it’s still interesting to look at data that shows what people are not just downloading, but recommending.
You can compare these numbers to the top apps in December.
Top 10 most recommended apps by Chorus users

Luminosity Brain Trainer
LastPlayed+ for Facebook and Twitter
Knocking Live Video
NBC Olympics on AT&T
Lose It!
Lexeme Free Scrabble Word Search
Virtual Trainer
Words With Friends

Top 10 free apps based on download attempts

Lumosity Brain Trainer
Touch Mouse
ICE app
Bell Cowbell app
3D Sun

Top 10 paid apps based ond ownload attempts

Where is my Phone?
MotionX GPS Drive
Battle Bears: Zombies!
Slug Wars
Slango – Urban Dictionary
AutoRingtone Pro Text to Speech Ringtones

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