mandag 5. april 2010

Chip sales slip from January but grow 56 percent from year ago

Sales of semiconductor chips dipped 1.3 percent in February compared to a month earlier, but were up a healthy 56.2 pecent from a year ago.
The Semiconductor Industry Association, the chip industry trade group, reported that worldwide chip sales in February were $22.0 billion, compared with $22.3 billion in January and $14.1 billion a year ago. All monthly sales numbers represent a three-month moving average (a mathematical smoothing technique that mitigates variations due to differences in companies’ financial calendars). Chips are used in everything electronic and are a bellwether for tech sales.
“The February sales numbers reflect continued recovery of sales of semiconductors, with demand principally driven by growth in sales of electronic products in emerging economies,” said SIA President George Scalise.
Sales of PCs and cell phones — the two primary markets for chips — are projected to grow in the low- to mid-teens in 2010. A year ago, January and February marked the low point for the chip industry in the economic downturn. Overall, Scalise said there are “encouraging signs” that the global economic recovery will continue.

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