torsdag 22. april 2010

Apple not banning analytics from apps

It was a reasonable rumor: Apple changed the words in the legalese that comes with the software development kit for the upcoming iPhone 4.0 operating system, which will power iPhones and iPads beginning in June or July. To many readers, the wording appeared to ban data collection and reporting from analytics tools such as Motally, Flurry, Distimo, Localytics and Medialets.
But people at the analytics firms we’ve talked to say they’ve been in touch with Apple, and they’re not being banned. Apple’s notoriously long, secretive app approval process will probably get longer and more confusing to some developers. Analytics vendors will need to pay careful attention to what Apple considers acceptable and unacceptable. But they’re not being locked out.
Flurry CEO Simon Khalaf gave me an on-the-record answer:
“Way before Apple iPhone OS 4.0 ships, we will have an SDK that is fully compliant with Apple iPhone OS 4.0 terms and conditions and we are also working and will be announcing soon an initiative and product features that address consumer privacy concerns.”
That last part is good to know. There are plenty of smartphone owners who flinch at the idea of any data at all being collected from their handsets. Hopefully iPhone 4.0 will come with a giant No Thanks button.
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