onsdag 7. april 2010

Ad firm says iPad sales have topped 562,000, at the very least

Based on a running tally on its site, ad firm Chitika Labs estimates that Apple has sold more than 562,000 iPads since the tablet computer went on sale on Saturday.
The tally is based on the number of new iPads that are accessing the Internet via the device’s Safari web browser and unique hits to Chitika’s ad network. In a post, Chitika research director Dan Ruby said the numbers showing up in his company’s data are significantly lower than the official and estimated sales. That is because some users have not yet accessed the Internet.
In the middle of the day on Monday, Chitika has logged about 270,000 iPads on its network, even as Apple had said it had already sold more than 300,000 units on Saturday alone. Of course, there are lots of things for iPad users to do with their iPads besides surf the web. They can download and play games, read electronic books, watch movies, listen to music etc.
Also, some iPad owners reported Wi-fi problems. Chitika’s numbers just show that sales of the iPad are continuing to grow.
Companies: Apple, Chitika

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