mandag 30. november 2009

Join VentureBeat & DEMO for holiday party in SF, this Wednesday

If you’re an entrepreneur, or even just a regular reader of VentureBeat considering launching your own company, you should join us at our DEMO/VentureBeat holiday party and jam session in San Francisco this Wednesday.
We’re meeting at the new hip Mighty Bar from 7pm to 11pm. If you play an instrument, bring it along, because we’ll let you jump on stage and jam with the band, like we’ve done in past years. It’s an open bar from 7 to 8pm.
The party, which is open to the first 400 people who register (yes, quite a few people have already registered, so move quickly), is part of a wider effort we’re making to meet up with entrepreneurs and other high-tech oriented professionals, to tell them more about what we’re planning for DEMO. DEMO is the leading event where technology companies launch their products, and the next one is to take place on March 21-23 in Palm Springs, Calif. So this is a sort of “pre-party.” I’m about to take several trips around the U.S., looking for the very best entrepreneurs interested in launching; but there’s probably no better place to start off than in S.F., home to some of the most innovative Web developers around right now.
You’ll also get to meet some of the top DEMO alumni, who we’re also inviting (indeed, the companies that have launched at DEMO show just how much we’ve taken care to select the very best companies: Salesforce, TiVo, Palm, Microsoft, Sun, ETrade, Adobe, Google and Symantec have all either launched their companies or products there — to name just a few). Other reasons for launching at DEMO is that it provides the highest production values around: Aside from the world’s media showing up, we offer an Internet that works without fail, coaching help and high-definition video of presentations that companies can use to market themselves. I’m really not aware of any comparable conference offering all of this, at such a professional level. I posted recently about some of the other cool things we’re doing.
Special thanks to our sponsors, Invest in France, Microsoft BizSpark and SpiderCloudWireless for the food, beverages and the band.
You’ll definitely want to stay until the end of the night when Invest in France will be giving away some of their finest wines.
See you there!

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