lørdag 28. november 2009

Entrepreneur Corner Roundup: Business before health and what to do if you’re hacked

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.
Sacrifice your health for your startup – You’ve heard about the importance of a work/life balance, but if you’re an entrepreneur, those rules often don’t apply. Start-ups are demanding beasts, notes angel investor Jason Cohen, and if you’re not completely obsessed with your company in its early days – often at the risk of your own health – your odds of success may be lower.
Killing innovation with corner cases – It’s good to think ahead, but focusing too much on the future and remote probabilities can kill innovation. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank discusses how this corner case thinking can bog down a startup.
You’ve been hacked. Now what? – The first 48 hours are critical after your retail site is compromised by hackers. Chris Drake, CEO and founder of FireHost, Inc. gives you a to-do list to get back online and quickly restore customer confidence.
Moore’s Law beats customer feedback – Ignoring your customers doesn’t sound like a successful way to run a business, but Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang notes that by doing that – and trusting in Moore’s Law (which basically says tech performance will double ever year), the graphics company was able to survive and thrive.
The Start-up Chronicles: Who Is Invested in Your Success? – Start-ups face a variety of challenges on a day-to-day basis. This new weekly feature in EC gives an inside view of life in a bootstrapped startup. This week: Forming an eco-system.

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