tirsdag 30. juni 2009

Video: How to surf faster with Internet Explorer

A few enterprising Microsoft employees have produced a low-cost video that shows how Accelerators, a feature of the Internet Explorer 8 browser, reduce the number of steps to perform common tasks.
What Microsoft’s doing is attempting to beat Google by changing the game. Instead of trying to lure Googler users away with higher relevance, more pages in a search index, or faster search response, Microsoft is focusing on saving the Internet user’s time by keeping them away from Google’s life-eating search box.
Accelerators are shortcuts to common tasks, such as getting a map, that you can select by clicking your right-hand mouse button. Internet Explorer ships with a few of them, but you can add many more such as the new Bing Maps accelerator.
They’re complicated to explain, but easy to watch and learn.
(The clip below is done in Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, rather than Flash. I had problems getting it to play in my Chrome browser, and it developed a mind of its own while playing in Internet Explorer 8, too. You can accelerate yourself by skipping the first minute to watch the first test, which begins at 0:55.)
<iframe src=”http://ping.fm/kwxRJ allowtransparency=”true” width=”430″ height=”326″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe><br /><a href=”http://ping.fm/ZLhRS ></a>
There are probably Greasemonkey add-ons to do all of this in Firefox. Why aren’t the Mozilla folks doing more clips like this to promote all those features they’ve spent years building into their own product?

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