onsdag 27. januar 2010

Roundup: LinkedIn revamps interfact, Twitter racks up 75M users and more

Here’s the latest action:
LinkedIn revamps its interface — The professional networking site has changed its look and feel to make it easier to find your connections, organize them with tags, and determine how they have updated their profiles at a glance.

Google Docs debuts thumbnails, spelling suggestions — Now when you search for files in Google Docs, the site will check to make sure you are using the correct spelling. On top of that, it now allows you to view thumbnails of your files to find them more easily. The Official Google Blog has more.
TechCrunch hacked yet again — The popular technology news site was hacked twice in the last 24 hours, the second attack directing readers to a hostile note directed at editor in chief Michael Arrington. Read the full text here.
PlayStation 3 finally hacked — Well known for hacking iPhones, George “Geohot” Hotz, just came out with a new exploit code to crack open the PS3, giving users full memory access. He says a guide for other hackers is forthcoming.
Twitter tallies 75M users — While the micro-blogging site boasts 75 million registered users with about 6.2 million signing up every month, only about 17 percent of accounts on the site were updated in the last month. There are only about 10 to 15 million active users.
GM to churn out electric motors — Giving EV and plug-in hybrid companies and suppliers a run for their money, General Motors announced that it will be spending $246 million on a new plant to assemble electric motors in-house.
eBay switches up its store format — The major auction site says that it is debuting a new pricing structure at the end of March. Listings in the site’s current Stores Inventory Format will be transitioned to Fixed Price listings. The new format will also make it easier for users to find variations of the same product — like different sizes and colors.
Algae production not so green after all — A new study weighing the costs and benefits of growing algae for biofuel manufacturing says that the processes involve actually emit more greenhouse gases than other biofuel feedstocks like switchgrass and even corn. Greentech Media has the details.

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