onsdag 27. januar 2010

Photo gallery of the Apple iPad event (18 photos)

Here’s our photos from Apple’s event today.
Apple chief executive Steve Jobs opened the conference with a funny quote about Moses’ tablets.
Steve Jobs mingled with the crowd inside the demo area after the event.
An accessory stand turns the tablet into a cool photo frame.
ESPN’s X Games Snocross is one of the 3-D games that will be available on the iPad.
Gameloft’s Nova first-person shooter game, which is available on the iPhone, was shown on stage. The game was rejiggered to look better on a big screen. It was probably the best-looking app shown off today.
Steve Jobs was very animated as he walked through the demos, using words such as “amazing,” “wonderful,” “beautiful” and “revolutionary” frequently.
This slide shows how you can create Keynote presentation slide shows with the iPad. The slider on the left, which you control with your finger, lets you scroll up and down the slides quickly. These iWork apps are only $10 each.
This is where Steve Jobs showed you can open an Adobe PDF and read a document in its original format.
This artsy canvas hung above the demo room.
Did we say the iPad is just a half-inch thick?
Back up folks. Don’t trample the demo dude.
The iBook bookshelf, which shows the electronic books you’ve bought, looks just like a bookshelf.
Typing is a breeze on the virtual keyboard, which has big letters that are hard to miss.
The New York Times page looks great on the iPad. The newspaper spent three weeks optimizing it for the iPad. You can zoom in on pictures or play embedded videos.
Here’s how the VentureBeat page looks on the iPad!
Folks milled about after the event.
Walt Mossberg and Katie Boehret of the Wall Street Journal snapped a picture of the crowd.
The media horde before the event.

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