lørdag 29. august 2009

Entrepreneur Corner Roundup: the new Series A. forecasting customer growth and breaking into existing markets

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner:

Seed is the new Series A for VCs – With the economy in crisis, VCs have been reluctant to put term sheets down on new investments. That’s slowly changing, but instead of using the Series A mold, many VCs are using ’seed’ money. Caine Moss, corporate and securities partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati discusses how to protect your company.
Do the math: An easy formula to forecast customer growth - Before you have a shot at a capital injection, you’ll first have to provide firmly grounded revenue and customer projections. Loyalty Lab COO Michael Greenberg shows you how to accurately predict those numbers.
Four rules for running with the big dogs – Breaking into an existing market is tough, since many customers are loyal to an established competitor. Serial entrepreneur Steve Blank details four ways to make it easier.
Clarifing direction through strategic process management – Coming up with a great idea is one thing. Executing on it is another. Angel investor Sy Fahimi discusses strategic process management and the dramatic impact it can have on your business.
Emerging trends in the future of technology - While some entrepreneurs fear the tech field is full, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the field is still wide open, with a lot of areas that still haven’t been explored.

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