mandag 22. mars 2010

Roundup: DropBox comes to Android, @ declared art and more

Here’s the latest action:
Nanosolar CEO coup — The high-efficiency, thin-film solar panel maker has swapped out its co-founder and CEO Martin Roscheisen in favor of Geoff Tate, former chief executive of chip design firm Rambus. As the New York Times points out, the company is one of several in the green space that have shaken up their executive ranks recently.
DropBox comes to Android — The company is developing a version of its application for the Android operating system — allowing users to access their Dropbox on the go and edit the files it contains. Here’s a screenshot to the right.
IronPlanet files for $92M IPO — The company, which runs a web-based marketplace for used industrial equipment, is looking to trade under the symbol IRON. It has 1,600 sellers and 7,600 buyers in its system today, and has brokered more than 30,000 transactions worldwide.
Get your own i(Paper)Pad for $5 — Preempting Apple’s first shipment of the highly-anticipated iPad, a makeshift company has cropped up selling paper pads modeled after its likeness. You can even buy a pack of three for just under $15.
iPhone goes contract free — You can now get an iPhone in retail Apple stores with no strings attached for $499 (3G) or $699 (3GS). But the advices are locked on AT&T. The Nexus One still can hold that over Apple’s head. Engadget has more.
@ is now great art — The “at” symbol has been officially acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. It’s traveled through history from the sixth or seventh century, through 16th century Venetian trade, all the way to 1971 when Ray Tomlinson ushered it into computing vernacular. See more on @’s colorful journey here.
Rainbow Media snaps up Gothamist network — The family of local urban blogs, including SFist and Chicagoist, is being acquired by Cablevision subsidiary Rainbow Media for somewhere between $5 million and $6 million.
Chrysler launches electric Fiat 500 — The major automaker just pushed the small hatchback, which notably uses lithium-ion batteries made by A123Systems, onto the market. Everyone thought the battery maker would be in trouble after Chrysler cut back its green cars program, but it looks like the partnership has been fruitful after all.

AT&T soon to debut Dell phone with Android — Dubbed the “Aero,” the phone being co-designed and produced by Dell and AT&T and using Mini 3i hardware, will probably be unveiled sometime soon, according to TechCrunch.
Fox Audience Network on the auction block — News Corp’s digital ad unit is up for sale, even though it handles most of the advertising content on its other subsidiary MySpace. If it can’t be sold, it could probably be spun off with the backing of a private equity firm.
Companies: Apple, AT&T, Chrysler, Dell, Dropbox, Google, Gothamist, NanoSolar, News Corps, Rainbow Media

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