lørdag 13. mars 2010

EC Roundup: Splitting equity and the entrepreneur retirement trap.

Here’s the latest from VentureBeat’s Entrepreneur Corner.
Ask the attorney: What’s the best way to split equity? — Working on a new venture, even with friends, doesn’t necessarily mean everyone deserves an equal part in the company. Attorney Scott Edward Walker runs down factors you need to consider when it comes time to split equity.
Entrepreneurs and the retirement trap — Too many startup owners actually view their business as their retirement plan. Retirement planner Rick Rodgers points out the danger in that, and offers some alternate ways to save for your golden years.
Startup Visa: It’s time to wake up, America… — Entrepreneurs from other countries are being kicked out of the U.S. — and that’s both costing jobs and making America lose its innovative edge. Serial entrepreneur Will Herman gives an impassioned argument for the adoption of proposed legislation that would turn this trend around.
Need sales leads? Think like an editor — Sending everything you’ve got to every one of your contacts is the quickest way to burn out a leads list. Serial entrepreneur Scott Olson suggests that carefully organizing your list — and sending relevant, interesting content to different people — is an effective way to keep converting leads into sales.
An angel investor’s advice for startups — Angel investor Ron Conway and investor Mike Maples Jr. of Maples Investments have put money into hundreds of companies. In this Stanford University lecture, they give their advice on how to succeed.
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