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DEMO: Visiarc’s Mobile Documents aim to redefine mobile e-mail attachments

Visiarc is one of 65 companies chosen by VentureBeat to launch at the DEMO Spring 2010 event taking place this week. These companies do pay a fee to present, but our coverage of them remains objective.
Mobile developer Visiarc says current mobile e-mail solutions stink at giving users access to large attachments. Its Mobile Documents application aims to solve that problem by streaming large attachments to your phone, instead of waiting for them to download.
Since so many of us use our e-mail accounts as file repositories, Mobile Documents would allow us to have far more access to our files than ever before. In a recent video demonstration of the software (check it out below, via Mobile Industry Review), Visiarc founder and chief executive Peter Lindgren shows off the software easily digesting large images, and PDFs. The software is fairly intelligent about the data it streams — for example, it increases the resolution of a picture that you’re viewing the more you zoom in. It also has a built-in PDF reader, and support for Microsoft Office files like Word and Powerpoint.
Not only can you easily read large e-mail attachments, you can also send them almost instantly. Lindgren demonstrated adding several large files to a new e-mail message, and sending it out over a cellular connection without problems. Visiarc also claims that Mobile Documents is more secure than typical mobile e-mail solutions since you never actually download the files to your phone, and all of the file streaming occurs over a heavily encrypted connection.
There’s currently nothing else trying to redefine mobile e-mail attachment handling like Mobile Documents. The software currently only works on phones running the Symbian S60 operating system — which includes many Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson smartphones. Given just how useful it appears to be, I’m sure Visiarc has plans for iPhone and Android versions eventually.
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Visiarc is funded by its founders and management team, as well as a Swedish government investment of $210,000. The company has also taken out a soft loan for $270,000.

Visiarc’s “Mobile Documents” for S60 – exclusive from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.
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